Stainless Steel Embossed Sheet

Stainless steel embossed plate,also known as "3D stainless steel plate", is a new concept plate, which has strong three-dimensional effect. It is processed by embossing stainless steel plates with machinery so that concave-convex patterns are made (dozens of patterns available). With respect to advantages, embossed plates have novel patterns and good ornament effect, and they are good-looking, durable, and wear resistant. The embossed plate is a new product of stainless steel ornaments. It can be applied to many different fields, including ornament, anti-theft door, screen, kitchen ornament, cupboard and art and craft items etc.

Main advantages of stainless steel embossed sheet: good-looking, durable, wear resistant, strong decorative effect, good visual appearance, high quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, compression resistant, resistance to scratches and does not leave fingerprints.

Stainless steel embossed sheet are being used on projects all over the world for exterior wall cladding, roofing, column covers, doors, signage, bridge cladding, commercial and residential kitchens, buses, trains, and airplane food handling equipment, just to name a few.

Sheets Information

Thickness : 0.4-3.0mm

Grade : 201,304,430,316

Size : 1000mm * 2000mm, 1219mm *2438mm, 1219mm * 3048mm,1500*3000mm or customized

Mirror panels, first made in the production process and then coated with titanium material, the product surface was colored mirror. The various colors of black, gold, yellow, and rose gold color,mainly used in construction and decoration, elevator decoration.